Stéphane Charbonnel has been practicing astronomy since he was very young. In 2000, he obtained a DU in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Orsay center of the University of Paris XI. As an amateur observer amateur observer since 1998, he has participated in confirmations of asteroid discoveries, light curves of asteroids and variable stars. An asteroid even bears his name: 269243.
With spectroscopes at his disposal, he participates in observational databases from his 2 observatories in the North-West of France, either in low or high resolution.
Olivier Garde has been practicing amateur astronomy since the age of 12. In 1996, he obtained a DU of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the of Orsay of the University of Paris XI. For more than 15 years, he has been collaborating regularly on Pro/Am programs in spectroscopy and and participates to missions in various observatories (Astroqueyras, OHP, CAM, Calern C2PU). He also has his own observatory equipped with many low and high resolution spectrographs resolution spectrographs in the north of Isère. It also works with the company Isère company Shelyak Instrument which develops spectrographs.
Pascal Le Dû is an amateur astronomer who observes the sky from the from the tip of Brittany. He analyzes and lists the candidate planetary nebulae planetary nebulae spotted by amateurs. He maintains the database of the French discoveries and maintains with Thomas Petit the site dedicated to it. Holder of a DU in in celestial mechanics, he does not fail to share his passion through through conferences and articles in astronomy magazines. He is the 2016 winner of the Dorothea Klumpke - Isaac Roberts prize of the Astronomical Society of France.
Lionel Mulato is an astrophotographer and spectroscopist, whose observatory is based near Avignon. He has a university degree in in physics and has been practicing astronomy as an amateur for many for many years. He has several discoveries to his credit and actively participates in the search for new planetary nebulae. planetary nebulae.
Thomas Petit has been an amateur astronomer for more than fifteen years. In 2014, with two friends, he set up an observatory dedicated to astrophotography in Chile, in the Atacama desert (APO_Team). The images made with this observatory have allowed him to be co-discoverer of more than 70 candidate planetary nebulae. In 2018, with Pascal Le Dû, he develops the website in order to list all the NP candidates candidates. He lives in Prague and is a member of the Czech Astronomical Society.

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